What is Dynamix?

Dynamix Inc. was incorporated in 2006. We design and manufacture specialty chemicals for the metal plating and general metal finishing industries. Toll blending, packaging, distribution of custom formulated products is also available. The laboratory at Dynamix is well equipped and able to provide analytical solutions specific to a particular sector of industry and/or customer.

Dynamix was established by three entrepreneurs, who between them share a unique combination of reputation, technical, business and operational skills. They also share impeccable timing, for the metal finishing market urgently needed a fresh new approach. Their combined knowledge of technical service, research and development, manufacturing, ISO 9001:2015, marketing and sales enables Dynamix to provide high quality products and cost effective opportunities to their customers. With over 75 years experience in the metal finishing, Dynamix quickly positioned itself as one of the leading experts in the metal finishing industry.

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