Product Variants:


General-Purpose Coagulant

Liquid blend of calcium salts to improve coagulation and flocculation in industrial waste water systems. It is particularly effective for aiding in precipitation of phosphates, detergents and oils.


General-Purpose Coagulant

Dynatreat MCSP is a high performance liquid poly-aluminum-chloride coagulant that offers superior clarification in potable, wastewater or industrial applications. The aluminum in Dynatreat MCSP is highly charged, enabling less of it to do more.


Turbidity – Color – Solids and Colloids – Metals – TOC – Bacteria – Oil & Grease


• Suitable for potable and industrial water treatment.

• Performs well with conventional and dynamic settling, ballasted flocculation or direct filtration.

• Extremely efficient in cold water.

• Low impact on pH.

• Reduces sludge.

• Reduces polymer requirements.

• Superior finished water quality.

• Longer filter runs.

• Consumes less alkalinity than alum.


Liquid coagulant with a cationic charge. This product is excellent for breaking emulsions formed with oils, inks, surfactants, etc. It is easy to handle and feed, economical to use, effective at low dosages, and performs well over a wide pH range. It also precipitates phosphates from wastewater streams.


Dynatreat MP-FS is an effective liquid polymerized ferric sulphate coagulant based on trivalent iron (Fe3+). Dynatreat MP-FS functions very well for both potable and waste water clarification and can be used for turbidity removal, colour removal, phosphate removal, heavy metal removal, in line softening applications as well as for sludge conditioning. Dynatreat MP-FS can also be used in hydrogen sulphide control applications to reduce odour and corrosion.

Use in conjunction with DYNATREAT polyelectrolytes.

Dynatreat MP-FS meets or exceeds all AWWA standards.


DYNATREAT MP-SA is a liquid solution of sodium aluminate that can be used in water treatment as a co-coagulant. 


  • Particularly effective in aiding in precipitation by complexing with phosphates, detergents and oils. 
  • Very effective in colour and organic removal.  
  • Can be used in paper-making machine applications to control pH while providing a concentrated source of aluminum. 
  • Especially effective where it’s highly basic nature minimizes the need for additional pH adjustment chemicals. 


Use in conjunction with DYNATREAT coagulants and flocculants.