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Kibron AquaPi

In the field and in the laboratory, in the classroom, in oil refineries, dairies, water purification plants, chrome plating plants, in vegetable safety assessment, just to mention a few examples.

  AquaPi - accurate and fast surface tension measurements.                                                    

·         An easy-to-use high precision instrument for basic research in surface chemistry

·         A simple, robust tensiometer for educational purposes, no special training needed

·         Quick alert in monitoring ground water quality, presence of oils, solvents etc.

·         An ideal instrument for the metal plating industry

·         Excellent for oil refineries for the monitoring of sour water

·         A tensiometer designed for outside laboratory use

·         AquaPi is very fast and easy to use, requiring no special training. The calibration time is short and the measurement is done in less than 30 seconds, with a clear digital readout for surface tension values.


The standard cuvette volume is only three milliliters. The single-use cuvettes ensure accurate results, eliminating the risk for contamination.

 AquaPi is excellent for basic surface chemistry research and educational use. Further, it is ideal for on-site monitoring of water quality, providing immediate alert for the presence of e.g. solvents, oil, and detergents in ground water samples.